Pinneberg/Germany, May 2022 – Trapylene and Trapur have been known to provide excellent adhesion to the difficult to adhere plastics polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These adhesion promoters (also perform effectively on many other plastics) are used in application such as films and foils or coatings for molded parts.
TRAMACO‘s product portfolio is now complemented by a further primer. The granulate Trapylen 905 S is an acrylate-modified polyolefin that has outstanding adhesion-promoting properties for PET (polyethylene terephthalate).
PET is experiencing ever greater popularity, and more and more applications for recycled PET are also being identified. Recycled PET is used in the production of drinking bottles as well as foils and films, for example.
When pre-treatment methods to increase surface tension such as corona, plasma or flame treatment cannot be undertaken, adhesion additives have to be added to the inks in order to achieve the required adhesion to the PET.
Trapylene 905 S is a solid resin and can be dissolved in aromatics such as xylene or other solvents such as naphtha. Such solution is suitable as a primer in film application to allow printing or bonding. Trapylen 905 S has a considerably superior adhesion power compared to other primers, particularly in the field of film applications. The high molecular weight of 905 S provides significantly improved resistance to alcohols compared to other products currently on the market.

About the TRAMACO GmbH:
TRAMACO GmbH is a company which produces and supplies chemical foaming agents, primers and additives for the plastic, rubber and coatings industry.
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