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January 8th, 2024: The European market for Product Media is developing rapidly. Compliance, price, speed, technology and service are key drivers in the decisionmaking process of distributors. A supplier’s ability to offer full product and printing service at competitive prices is therefore essential to enhance their position in the marketplace.

This is why Gor Factory and PF Concept have decided to join forces in Europe. In this ambitious partnership, Gor Factory under its famous brand Roly, will provide deep inventory for a wide selection of t-shirts, polos, hoodies, bodywarmers and jackets, directly available in PF Concept’s warehouses. Roly’s unmatched sourcing capabilities and purchasing power will ensure that this collection is positioned at the best prices in the market. For their part, PF Concept will organise a printing turnaround from 1 day after order confirmation, providing the fastest fulfilment in the market. As the industry leader in the field of digital transformation, PF Concept will make all products available for easy online purchase, including visualisation and printing pricing.

This creates the largest range of promotional clothing, from entry price Roly t-shirts to high-end Elevate NXT recycled jackets, available printed throughout Europe. Gor Factory will continue to supply the market directly for blank clothing, while PF Concept will concentrate on developing the printed clothing business.

Raquel Rubio, Delegate Advisor and International Sellings Director Gorfactory:

„Our company and our family are very pleased with the project that PF Concept is launching by adding our textile brand to its portfolio. It is an honour that within the different options at European level they have opted for our company and, we are, without a doubt, proud that our product range, logistics capabilities, and our vocation for customer service have set us apart to become PF concept partner of choice. It is a firm project, with long-term objectives, where the winner will be the customer, within a triangulation of Spain – Holland – Poland, which will provide the market with the best response in printed garments.“

Pieter Boonekamp, General Manager PF Concept:

“We are proud to partner with Gor Factory. Combining Roly and our Elevate brand, next to our wide range of Product Media items, makes us the true one-stop shop for our distributors. Our sales force, remembering the deep DNA of US Basic in PF Concept, can’t wait to present the largest collection of printed clothing in this industry. The cultural fit between the PF Concept teams and Roly’s founding family is so strong that our conversations went fast, and this ambitious project unfolded smoothly, presenting many opportunities for future developments.”