GoJungo: A door opener in e-commerce

Buchholz (D)/Herning (DK), May 2020 – Whether the own web shop, Amazon, Zalando or Otto: today more than ever, e-commerce is an important channel to sell products. Small and medium-sized businesses that do not have their own resources can now access online markets through GoJungo’s services.
E-commerce opens up a comprehensive market that can hardly be covered by purely stationary trade. The Corona crisis in particular shows how important it is to be well positioned on the net.
Unfortunately, especially small and medium-sized brands and producers often lack the know-how and resources to sell their products on the Internet. This is where GoJungo from Buchholz near Hamburg comes in: “Send us your products and we’ll take care of the rest”, says Stephan Sommerlik, COO of GoJungo, a young company in the online market business. Only last year, the start-up was founded as a joint venture between Brands Fashion, the market leader for sustainable workwear and merchandising textiles, and the Danish Scan Thor Group, one of the largest purchasing offices in Europe.

With the offered services, their experience and the good network within the fashion, textile and home & living industry, they enable other companies to build their own perfect web shop and get a foot in the door of German and international marketplaces. As for example, Otto, the second biggest online market in Germany, expects a German tax ID, shipping from a German warehouse and offering a German customer support service. These are high entry hurdles for companies without German offices. Most of foreign and specific the smaller and middle-class brands and producers are not equipped to cope with these obstacles. This is where GoJungo, which can proudly call itself “Preferred Partner” of Otto, comes in.

The Fairtrade shoe brand Ethletics is one of many good examples of how the cooperation with GoJungo works. Regardless of whether Otto, Amazon and Co.: With their “all-round carefree package” for a smooth marketplace connection, the company from Buchholz paves the way for the brand to all important platforms, takes care of content creation, provides a modern distribution warehouse and handles the logistics. GoJungo also takes care of platform marketing, billing and monitoring.
Through its full-service partner, Ehtletic can concentrate on its core competencies in creativity and sustainability and shine on an international level in the e-commerce business. “We are a good match, because sustainability is not just a trend for us, but has long been anchored in our DNA”, Sommerlik explains.
But it doesn’t always have to be full service: GoJungo co-operates with interested companies to put together the right, ideal service package in order to achieve the best service and success and ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

About GoJungo
GoJungo was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between the companies Brands Fashion GmbH from Buchholz in the Nordheide region of Germany and the Scan Thor Group based in Herning (Denmark). Brands Fashion is the market leader for sustainable workwear and merchandising textiles and the Scan Thor Group is one of the largest sourcing agencies in Europe. With its services, GoJungo helps other brands quickly and easily gain a foothold in national and international marketplaces. GoJungo helps its partner companies to find the best service package for their individual needs. From content creation, fulfillment, B2B and B2C logistics, platform marketing, customer support, billing and monitoring, GoJungo offers everything brands need for a successful kick-off and continued business in the major marketplaces. Furthermore, the North Germans also offer the creation and takeover of independent web shops. The start-up itself attaches great importance to transparency and sustainability.